Tutorials referenced in How To Really Play The Piano

Below is a full index of videos relevant to my book, How To Really Play The Piano. Some of these videos look very old-school these days (!) as I made them in 2009/2010 shortly after the book was published. Even so, the information they contain is still completely relevant.

The list below is divided into three sections: first, the video tutorials specific to each part of the book; second, some bonus videos that build on the material in the book and offer extra examples; and third, links to videos of some of the performances I reference in the book.

Videos marked with an asterisk (*) were created before the book was written, and don’t contain specific page refs.

Intro: Getting started and some thoughts about practice
Part 1: Really basic harmony 1
Part 1: Really basic harmony 2
Part 1: Really basic harmony 3
Part 1: Understanding the dominant seventh
Part 1: Chord resolution 1: dominant, subdominant and tonic
Part 2: Chord resolution 2: strong and weak resolution
Part 1: How chord progressions work
Part 1: More complex chords 1: 6 and m7
Part 1: More complex chords 2: maj7
Part 1: More complex chords 3: 9, maj9, m9
Part 1: More complex chords 4: sus/sus4
Part 1: More complex chords 5: augmenteds
Part 1: More complex chords 6: diminisheds
Part 1: Understanding bass voicings

Part 2: Playlist of blues tutorials

Part 3: Introduction to comping
Part 3: Comping early pop/jazz, part 1
Part 3: Comping early pop/jazz, part 2
Part 3: Comping more recent pop (parts 1 and 2)

Appendix: Intervals explained

Bonus videos

There are many extra videos on my YouTube channel page. They include extra tutorials, plus answers to questions people send me. Right now there are 300+ videos on there, and I add new ones often. Click here to visit the page.

Here are five of the most popular:

Easy Piano Improv: The 4 Minute Jazz Piano Tutorial
Piano chords basics – make your progressions flow
Pentatonic scales for improvisation – piano tutorial
A rhythm exercise for pop piano comps
Piano chords for beginners: learn four chords to play hundreds of songs