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My three piano “how-to” books have been hugely popular with the viewers of my YouTube channel since I published the first one in 2009. Now you can get a great deal on the digital editions of all three by buying them as a bundle! The bundle is available for just £18.95 15.95 (UK Pounds) and includes:

— How To Really Play The Piano
— An Introduction to Cocktail Piano
— and Seven Studies in Pop Piano.

Bought separately, they would cost £27.85 — so the bundle offers a saving of 30 percent. Your payment will be processed by PayPal. You can pay either with your PayPal account or, if you don’t have a PayPal account, by credit or debit card. As you would expect from the one of the world’s leading providers of online payments, all transactions are 100% secure.

Click here to buy and download the bundle right now for £18.95 15.95!

Click here to buy and download the bundle right now for £18.95 15.95!

(Pssst — if you already own one of the books in the bundle you can still save on the other two with one of my 2-ebook bundle deals: click here to view to the 2-ebook bundles.)

Read on to find out more about the three books included in the bundle…

First published in 2009 and my bestseller ever since, How To Really Play The Piano has a strong focus on chord knowledge and shows you how to started with improvisation (through 12-bar blues, one of the most satisfying genres to play if you want to get into improvisation, and probably the one that offers the fastest progress).

In addition, How To Really Play The Piano takes you through some of the basics of the music theory you need to operate as an improvising musician, as well as important concepts like working up piano performances from lead sheets.

An Introduction to Cocktail Piano is all about the ever-popular cocktail style, and shows you how to get started with essential cocktail skills — mostly borrowed from jazz piano — like chord extension and melodic improvisation.

Presented in easy-to-read landscape format with many annotated sections of example score and ideas for developing essential cocktail skills, it’s proved immensely popular with my YouTube subscribers over the years. If you’ve enjoyed one of my many YouTube tutorials on cocktail piano, you’re bound to find it useful!

Seven Studies in Pop Piano is a little different: rather than being a purely instructional book it shows you how to play in pop piano style through seven fully-scored pieces, starting from Study 1 (very easy) and working through to Study 3 (advanced). Each study comes with extensive explanatory notes and guidance on improvisation.

All three books have been very successful with beginner and intermediate pianists interested in increasing their skills in a number of areas. You’ll discover that all three have a strong focus on improvisation and the kind of playing that isn’t usually covered in traditional piano lessons!

Click here to buy and download the bundle right now for £18.95 15.95!

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